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  • Workplace Violence
    Workplace Violence

    Elite Protection has an extensive and impressive resume in the field of workplace violence. We will work with select members of your staff when situations arise such as termination of problematic employees, domestic violence issues, and labor strife. Interaction with local law enforcement and predetermined courses of action are factors included in an organized response to these dangerous situations.

  • Executive Protection
    Executive Protection

    Elite Protection has provided personal protection to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Movie stars, TV stars, recording stars, politicians, and business executives have all been under Elites’ protective umbrella. From an individual visiting the Chicagoland area seeking a protective escort, to the executive of a company under threat, each situation will be fully evaluated and planned to provide the very best in full personal protection.

  • Armed Guard
    Armed Guards

    Elite Protection employs sworn law enforcement personnel as agents. The benefits of using sworn personnel over typical security guards are tremendous. Elite Protection's agents, who receive training by their respective departments, confidentially handle a variety of different situations. Our agents are experienced and know how to handle incidents with a level of professionalism that is unmatched by other security companies. Experience with crowd control, work place violence incidents, social activism, and executive protection are just a few of the situations that our agents handle daily. Our agents are professional law enforcement officers, and as such, reflect a professional image as a representative of the client.

  • Location Security

    Elite Protection can provide security at a variety of events and venues. Events such as concerts and conventions attracting thousands, to small private affairs equally receive the same elevated level of protection, commitment, and professionalism. Elites’ agents can be either utilized as a highly visible uniformed deterrent or discreet on assignments where only the client knows of their presence.

  • Executive Transportation
    Executive Transportation

    Elite Protection can meet your entire transportation request for executive protection. All vehicles are fully loaded with every available feature and comfort. Elite has a number of associates in the transportation field. Requests from private executive jets to limousines can be met with one call to Elite Protection.

  • Special Occasions
    Festivals, Events, and Special Occasions

    From a simple and elegant wedding in a park, to thousands of fans at a concert, Elite Protection can provide you with the adequate security coverage needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable event. If your event is a neighborhood fest, concert, convention or corporate picnic Elite Protection can meet all your security needs. Crowd control and direction are staples of the Elite portfolio.

  • Canine Patrol Bomb Drug Detection
    Canine Patrol, Bomb, and Drug Detection

    Elite Protection can arrange to provide canine services when requested. An economical answer to some security concerns, trained canine units are available to patrol large areas such as construction sites and factories. A canine officer will be on scene if the circumstances necessitate the need.

    The uses of specially trained bomb detection dogs are used to scan large areas such as concerts and convention halls. Drug detection dogs are also available to examine areas of your business, when questions of safety and security arise due to these concerns.

  • Building Security Survey
    Building Security Surveys

    Elite Protection provides an extensive evaluation of the physical characteristics of the building that are to be surveyed. Locks, windows, loading docks, fences, alarms, access and egress routes, etc. are all examined and evaluated for their security value. The findings are reported and recommendations are made regarding possible physical change or new security procedures to be implemented. This survey is a cost effective measure to help reduce insurance premiums.

  • Suspicious or Threatening Package Recognition
    Suspicious / Threatening Package Recognition

    Elite Protection can teach your employees what to look for in a suspicious or possibly dangerous package or letter before someone opens it. Learn the telltale signs of a dangerous letter or package. Learn what visual clues to look for. Example letters and packages with such indicators will be available for examination by your employees. Learn how to react properly and what steps to take upon discovery of such a package at your business.

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